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ladyserenity84's Journal

A Journal of different creative expressions

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  • ladyserenity84@livejournal.com
This is pretty much a journal dedicated to making my own music memes/playlists, icons, and whatever creative outlets I can think of. I'll usually tag them if I find myself contributing certain projects more than others. This is actually the second of two accounts I have on Livejournal, but the other one I use more or less as a personal blog. Once I revamp that one (considering it hasn't been updated in months, I'll link to that account for those who want to friend me there as well, but it will pretty much be a friends only journal. :)

The name ladyserenity84 is kind of random and something I came off the top of my head. It does describe me in some measure: female, calm and collected personality and my respective birth year. It's also a Sailor Moon reference, albeit not so subtle, yet I've been watching anime for more than 10 years, so it's warranted. I'm a college student, finishing up my M.S. degree, and I'm likely to contribute to this once every blue moon considering I have a lot of other projects I have going, including a media blog, moderating a few communities online and volunteerism mixed in with schoolwork.